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Common Toenail Conditions We See at Beauchamp Foot Care

Pair of woman's feet on a beach with brightly coloured toenails Over the 27 years we’ve been treating patients at our Knightsbridge clinic, one of the frequent problem areas we regularly encounter are the toenails. The fact people generally keep their feet ‘under wraps’ means these can be prone to a variety of conditions. Badly fitting shoes or exposure to a fungal infection can cause damage to the nail or surrounding skin, all of which may need the attention of a qualified podiatrist/chiropodist.

Here are three conditions we most see at Beauchamp Foot Care:

Fungal Nail Infection
One of the most cosmetically unsightly conditions to affect our nails, a fungal infection is also one of the most difficult to get rid of. If you’re looking to wear open toe sandals or go barefoot during the summer, this type of problem is the last thing you need. There are a range of treatments either available on prescription, across the counter at your local pharmacy or provided by a clinic like Beauchamp Foot Care.

At our Knightsbridge clinic, we’re able to offer patients the latest Lunula laser treatment that kills off the pathogens that cause the fungus and allows your nail to grow back healthily. We’re also able to provide a free consultation to assess your condition and talk about the best way to treat it.

Ingrown Toenail
Less unsightly but certainly painful, is an ingrown toenail. This can cause discomfort when you put on your shoes or walk and could lead to a build-up of fluid around the problem area. If left untreated, this can also cause bleeding and infection. There are numerous reasons why someone will develop this condition, including not cutting nails properly or wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Problems such as this can often be dealt with by cutting the nail and gently pushing the skin around the affected area with a cotton bud, but if the condition persists you should seek the help and advice of a qualified podiatrist or chiropodist.

Nail Bruising
The other problem we often see at our clinic is bruising under the toenail. While this often just needs time to heal, you can reduce the likelihood of getting this kind of injury by wearing shoes that fit properly. It’s also an injury that we see with people who run long distances or play a lot of sport. In most cases the discoloured skin underneath will go away on its own and often the only change you need to make is in your footwear.

Why You Should Visit Beauchamp Foot Care
There are plenty of reasons why you need the help and advice of a qualified podiatrist or chiropodist when it comes to caring for your toenails. Firstly, they will perform any procedure in a hygienic environment and they’ll have the training and medical knowledge to make sure you get the right treatment using the appropriate equipment.

If you suffer from a condition such as diabetes you should, we believe, always choose a professional clinic rather than a standard nail bar, particularly when it comes to conditions such as ingrown toenails. The patients who come to see us at our Knightsbridge clinic do so because they get a professional approach that ensures their feet stay in top condition.
If you’d like to find out more, contact our friendly team at Beauchamp Foot Care today.

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