Five-Minute Fungal Nail Tests

Fungal nail infections are amongst the most frequent clinical problems we take care of at Beauchamp Foot Care. But before we can recommend and begin appropriate treatment, we will either need confirmation of the infection from your GP or will need to conduct a nail test ourselves. In the past, we’ve had to send sample nail clippings off to the lab for analysis, and wait – around a month – for the results to come back to us.

Now though, by using our advanced new Dermatophyte Test Strip we can rapidly and accurately diagnose nail infection in the clinic in just five minutes.

A major breakthrough in indicating the presence or absence of the common fungi which cause 90-95% of all toenail infections, the Dermatophyte Test Strip is a simple, reliable test we can complete on the spot.

The test takes no more than five minutes and involves no pain or discomfort. All that’s required is a small nail clipping for the scientific process to produce an immediate result – a result proven to be over 97% accurate.

It’s already transforming the way we diagnose nail infections. And because it means we could save you waiting for treatment, it will speed up your transformation from unhealthy and unattractive, to feel-good, trouble-free toenails.

If you’re concerned about a nail condition such as a fungal infection, contact Beauchamp Foot Care today for a consultation and a five-minute fungal toenail test with one of our team of podiatrists.

The cost is £60 for the test plus the normal 45-minute consultation fee of £95, which includes a chiropody treatment.


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