Onyfix® nail correction

An innovative, pain-free system to safely treat
ingrowing and involuted toenails


Although straight and relatively flat at the base, your toenails can become too wide as they grow, forcing them to curl or become involuted to fit the nailbed. If the curl becomes too pronounced, the risk is that the toenail will become ingrown, causing you unnecessary pain and problems.

What is Onyfix?

Developed in Germany, Onyfix is a non-surgical, nail correction system that reshapes and retrains distorted and ingrown nails naturally. Involving a mouldable resin, applied in a band that adheres to the nail, the treatment is entirely painless, highly effective and suitable for adults, children and diabetics.

Available only from qualified, specially trained podiatrists, the treatment uses the Onyfix band to ‘train’ the nail to grow in a natural flatter profile and shape, not only correcting but also preventing uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown toenails.

Onyfix benefits

The treatment is surgery-free, and completely pain-free

Rapid treatment and results
Application is quick, completed in a single appointment, and the correction process is rapid

The system induces natural nail growth, gently correcting the shape of your nail without tension

The treatment is safe for all patients, including diabetics, and its effectiveness is backed by recognised clinical studies

No restrictions
The band won’t stop you enjoying any of your usual activities or sports, and you can even use nail polish as normal

Frequently asked questions

How long does treatment take?
If your Beauchamp podiatrist recommends Onyfix, it can be applied during a single appointment.

How long does the Onyfix band stay on the nail?
An Onyfix band usually lasts at least 3 months. In the majority of cases, it stays in place until it grows right out with the nail.

Are all ingrowing toenails treatable with Onyfix?
Generally speaking, Onyfix will help correct all ingrown nails and pincer nails, including children’s nails. If you have an infected nail, the infection must be treated and cleared before you have an Onyfix treatment.

Is Onyfix suitable for diabetics?
Yes, Onyfix is suitable for diabetics. It is a Class 1 Medical device and has been rigorously clinically tested on diabetics.

How much does Onyfix cost?

The cost of the treatment varies per patient.
To assess your needs and prepare the nail for Onyfix is £95. Applying the band to one toe is then £50. If more toes need treatment, the cost is £35 per toe.

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