Erika Gibbins, M.InstChP, LCh, MLCHom

Erika is one of the founding partners in this clinic and has been qualified for over 35 years as a chiropodist. She trained at the London School of Chiropody and later added to her knowledge by studying homeopathic medicine. Her dual qualifications as a chiropodist and homeopath enable Erika to offer a holistic approach that also encompasses modern clinical technology and expertise.


Fiona Patterson, BSc. Pod. Med, M.Inst.Ch.P, DCh.M

Fiona qualified in 1990 at the London School of Chiropody and has been with our clinic since 1996, becoming a partner in 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in podiatric medicine and is a qualified lecturer in podiatrics. In addition, she is our specialist in cryosurgery and ingrown toenail surgery.


Victoria Wilson, M.Inst.Ch.P.L.Ch.

Vicky graduated from the London School of Chiropody and has been a member of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists throughout her career. Vicky founded Beauchamp Foot Care with Erika Gibbins in 1990 and ensures her patients receive the best possible care using the latest techniques.






Team photos by Refia Elif Yigit