Toenail Fungus Treatment

The treatments we plan are as individual
as the patients we treat

Unsightly, uncomfortable and unhealthy, toenail fungus is a condition that brings many people to our clinic.

If it’s something you know – or think – you’re suffering from, we’re here to help.

Our patient-focussed approach to foot care and the problem of nail fungus means that after assessing your nails and talking things through with you, we’ll recommend the treatment we consider to be the best for you.

For some patients, topical medications (lotions or creams which are applied directly to the affected nails), may be the most appropriate course of action. For others, we might suggest that oral medications (usually tablets) could be more suitable. And, as we treat each case individually, where we believe a combination of measures would prove more effective, that’s what we’ll advise.

If your toenail fungus has already been diagnosed, for example by your GP, a consultation with one of our team of qualified, experienced podiatrists, will enable us to recommend and plan the most appropriate and effective treatment for you. If we need to confirm the presence of the infection, we can include our simple ‘Five-minute Fungal Nail Test’ to give you a speedy, on-the-spot result.

Either way, there will also be time during your initial appointment to discuss the ways we can improve the appearance of damaged nails before, during and after any treatment process.

Our Clinic Offers:

  • An initial 45-minute consultation (includes a chiropody treatment)
  • Easy access – we are based in Knightsbridge, London (close to Harrods)
  • Extended opening hours and Saturdays

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