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Be free of toenail fungus. No pain, no pills, no fuss.

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Laser treatment from only £549* for 6 treatments on both feet
Minimum of 6 treatments. First session includes preparatory work.
An initial consultation includes:
  • Complete assessment of your nails
  • Diagnosis and appropriate course of action
  • Answering any questions you may have
Please note: the cost of an initial consultation is £58 and includes a standard chiropody treatment
Laser treatment includes:
  • photographs of the nails
  • thinning down of the nails
  • laser treatment on both feet
  • instructions on nail care post treatment
What this treatment offers:
  • easy & convenient
  • painless
  • no side effects
  • promotes healthy nail growth

About Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus or onychomycosis is a common infection that affects over 850 million people worldwide. It tends to affect more men than women and, whilst more common in people aged over 40, is often seen in younger people as well.

Conventional treatments such as topical and oral medications don’t always work and oral medications carry an additional risk of side effects that can damage the liver. At Beauchamp Foot Care, we provide our patients with a non-invasive option for toenail fungus treatment using the the Lunula Laser. This revolutionary procedure is proven safe and effective. There are no medications required or unpleasant side effects as with conventional methods. The treatment takes only 12 minutes per foot and no downtime is required. Results are typically visible within the first three months.

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*Subject to availability and valid until further notice. Applies to treatment courses paid for in advance.
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