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5 Ways You Can Help Prevent a Toenail Fungal Infection

5 Ways You Can Help Prevent a Toenail Fungal Infection

Nobody plans on getting a toenail fungal infection, but sometimes it can show up out of nowhere and then you’re faced with trying to get rid of it. It’s actually easier than you think to contract toenail fungus, but the good news is it’s also possible to avoid if you follow these best practices.

1. Practice Good Foot Hygiene

Taking good care of your feet is probably the most important thing you can do to help prevent a toenail fungal infection from occurring in the first place. We recommend washing your feet with an antibacterial soap on a daily basis, then drying them thoroughly with a fresh clean towel. You can also use a foot powder to absorb any moisture left behind as well as using an antifungal spray. Keep your nails short, filed and trimmed straight across and always be sure you’re using clean tools.

2. Take Precautions in Public Places

Any public places like swimming pools, changing rooms, public showers, hotel rooms, or gyms can be breeding grounds for toenail fungus because these are the kind of warm, moist environments fungus thrives in. You can take proper precautions to avoid a toenail fungal infection by not going barefoot in these places. Try wearing flip flops or sandalsinstead, washing your feet with an antibacterial soap, and don’t share a towel with others.

3. Put on Proper Footwear

It’s important to wear shoes that allow your feet to breathe. If they are kept in an environment that causes them to constantly sweat with no opportunity to dry out, then you risk providing the perfect home for a toenail fungal infection. It’s okay to wear types of footwear such as work boots, designer boots, rain boots, thick clogs, or athletic shoes, just make it a habit to air out your feet and your shoes each night. Wearing natural cotton, silk or woollen socks will also help because they absorb moisture best. Just make sure to change them daily.

Wearing sandals when you’re able can be beneficial too because they easily let your feet breathe; however take extra precautions if you have a cut, cracked, or damaged toenail because sandals allow germs to easily get into your cut and could lead to a toenail fungal infection.

4. Use Clean Tools When Pampering Your Feet

Whether you’re giving yourself an at-home pedicure or treating yourself to a relaxing chiropody treatment, be sure to use clean instruments. Avoid sharing your personal tools with others, even if you think they don’t have a toenail fungal infection. When getting a treatment at a salon or foot clinic, verify they are using clean, sterilised tools and that the pedicure basin has also been sanitized.

5. Pay Attention to Your Overall Health

Eating a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals can help boost your blood flow. Good circulation is important because the restriction of blood flow causes the toenail to lose valuable nutrition, which in turn makes it weak and susceptible to attracting a toenail fungal infection.

Certain diseases or their treatments, like Diabetes, or radiation and chemotherapy used to treat Cancer, can cause you to have a weakened immune system, which in turn can make it difficult for your body to fight off a toenail fungal infection.

Following these 5 simple tips will help you prevent a toenail fungal infection. If you think you might have toenail fungus, we invite you to contact us at Beauchamp Foot Care for an initial consultation, or download our free Guide to Treating Toenail Fungus to learn about the treatment options available. You deserve to have beautiful, healthy feet.

All information on this website is for general guidance only and is not intended as a substitute for the personal medical advice of health care professionals or your own doctor.

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